About MedLinks

MIT MedLinks Constitution

The MedLinks program works to support MIT students in connecting to campus support resources, the policies and services of MIT Medical, and determining when and how to seek medical attention. MedLinks is a residentially based peer health advocacy program that supports the health of students in their residences along with the wider MIT community through one-on-one interactions and via health promotion events. This program is sponsored and supported by Community Wellness at MIT Medical. MedLinks is comprised of student representatives (each one called "a MedLink"). Every dorm and many FSILGs have at least one resident who is a MedLink. In addition, MedLinks can make available single doses of common over-the-counter medications, provide disposable thermometers and have a variety of first aid supplies. Presently, there are approximately 150 MedLinks representatives located in a variety of campus and off-campus residences. All MedLinks attend a training retreat and on-going continuing education seminars each year. Training and education consist of:

  • Determining when to seek medical attention for common aches, pains, cold and flu
  • Learning about MIT Medical policies, procedures, and resources
  • Improving listening and communication skills
  • Becoming familiar with a variety of health topics, such as stress, depression and other mental health issues; responsible alcohol use; sexual health; and sexual assault prevention and awareness

Program Coordinator

Greg Baker, M.S., M.A.
Senior Program Manager, Community Wellness at MIT Medical
E23-385Q// 617-253-5770 // (Email)

Executive Board 2019-2020

The Executive Board is comprised of representatives that serve as the governing body for the program and gives voice to the concerns of the MedLinks members. All MedLinks can communicate with Executive Board and Program Coordinators directly via email.

Residential Directors 2019-2020

Residential Directors (RDs) are leaders within the living groups who facilitate active communication among MedLinks and spearhead efforts to increase MedLinks' presence within their living group. RDs are essential to the MedLinks organization as they increase and maintain cohesion among MedLinks in their living group and between the living group and Exec. RDs represent the interests of their respective living groups by interviewing new MedLinks member candidates, organizing monthly meetings with the MedLinks in their living groups, hosting events and speakers, managing a large budget from Exec, and attending all-RD meetings with the Vice President.